What Makes for a Great Website?

There are over 1.74 billion websites in the world today so as a marketer, how do you even start to make your tiny atom in this virtual universe stand out and get attention? It seems impossible and knowing the website is any company’s most important asset, especially with no events happening right now and dwindling sales, it’s a recipe for sleepless nights and anxiety.

Good news! Let’s not try and be all things to all men or women – you are presumably not Disney or Alibaba – and remember your website is meant to be delivering what YOUR CUSTOMERS AND PROSPECTS are actually looking for.

So, it’s the “F” word – FOCUS! Think about the sales process – what’s the very first thing anyone wants to know that gives you credibility? What’s the next most important? Is it testimonials or product reviews? You know them best so architect your site images and the messages around the engagement journey which hopefully leads to a sale.

Being focussed is a giant leap in the right direction and helps you put some logic into the site navigation.

The next leap is to THINK SEARCH. What terms would you be typing in if looking for your own products or services? Terms that will be uppermost in the prospects’ minds when looking for a solution to a need – be it a data security provider, a financial consultant or even a flexible workspace provider.

It’s all about understanding what people are searching for online, the answers they are seeking, the words they’re using, and the type of content they wish to consume. Do they want to see photographs of possible workspaces? Is it testimonials from other finance customers that will sway their decision making?

Knowing the answers to these questions will allow you to connect to the people who are searching online for the solutions you offer.

Then it’s the next crucial element – SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION (SEO). No matter your industry, audience, product, or service, SEO is absolutely vital to drive both traffic and therefore sales.

SEO is very sensitive; without an understanding of its implications, a simple aesthetic update could obliterate a perfectly optimized website causing rankings, organic traffic, sales and even revenue to drop.

For starters, follow the 3-step golden rule and you will be on your way in optimising your website:

  1. Know who you are targeting and perform keyword research – and update regularly.

  2. Optimize your site pages with on-page SEO targeting those keywords

  3. Create a strong sitemap for search engines to index your site.

GOOD LOOKING WEBSITES ensure THAT everyone who visits it views you as trustworthy, professional, and worthy of doing business with.

OPTIMISED WEBSITES pull in more traffic through Google, get links from other “authoritative” sites and are shared more often. We are in 2020 and a great website is no longer something “nice to have” but an absolute must!

As promised, here’s a handy infographic:

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